Shanahan on Literacy
Timothy Shanahan is a renowned expert on the teaching of literacy. This podcast addresses practical issues in teaching students to read and to read better.
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Small Group Phonics in the Classroom -- Good Idea or Not?
FEBRUARY 17, 2024
Teachers are often told that differentiation in instruction is important and in reading that tends to mean multiple groups of kids being taught different things. Is that a good idea for phonics? Why or Why not? This episode will answer those questions.
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Grading Students on Individual Standards
FEBRUARY 10, 2024
School administrators often believe that students can be evaluated on the individual reading comprehension standards and they push teachers to teach and assess these individually. The research suggests that such efforts won't work.
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I Want My Students to Comprehend, Am I Teaching the Wrong Kind of Strategies?
FEBRUARY 03, 2024
Teachers are often told to teach comprehension strategies, but what if many of the strategies that are recommended only incidentally address comprehension? Learn to distinguish comprehension strategies form study skills.
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