Shanahan on Literacy
Timothy Shanahan is a renowned expert on the teaching of literacy. This podcast addresses practical issues in teaching students to read and to read better.
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What About Those Reading Textbook Reviews and Ratings?
MAY 18, 2024
Recently, several organizations have started evaluating reading programs. These ratings are getting a lot of attention from school districts around the nation, but how good are they and how should they be used? This podcast will explore those issues and provide some recommendations.
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Ensuring Success: Pre-Remediation as a Valuable Alternative
MAY 04, 2024
Most reading interventions for older students fail. One reason for this is that they tend to focus on raising general reading achievement, instead of putting the major emphasis on helping those students to develop the reading abilities that would allow them to succeed. Think pre-remediation ra...
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What Does It Mean to Follow a Program? Issues in Fidelity
APRIL 20, 2024
These days there is a great deal of interest in controlling classroom reading instruction. One approach to this is to require "fidelity" of program use. What does fidelity mean and will it improve reading achievement? This podcast explores those issues and suggests ways that programs can be us...
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