Shanahan on Literacy
Timothy Shanahan is a renowned expert on the teaching of literacy. This podcast addresses practical issues in teaching students to read and to read better.
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What Do We Do with Above Grade Level Readers?
JULY 13, 2024
Research shows that students are best taught with challenging texts -- texts that in the past would have been deemed "frustration level" and eschewed for instruction. Teaching with grade level texts ensures that students will reach the levels of literacy needed for full participation in societ...
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Does a Four-day Week Mean Lower Reading Scores?
JUNE 29, 2024
Many school districts are considering going to a 4-day school week. This would help solve their problem in getting substitutes, reduce lunch program costs, and make many of their employees happy. But what will it do to reading achievement? This podcast explores the research on instructional ti...
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What about Tracing and Other Multi-Sensory Teaching Approaches?
JUNE 22, 2024
Many phonics proponents claim that the best way to teach phonics is multi-sensorilly with tracing and similar activities. This podcast reveals what research studies have to say about those claims.
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