Shanahan on Literacy
Timothy Shanahan is a renowned expert on the teaching of literacy. This podcast addresses practical issues in teaching students to read and to read better.
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Choral Reading: Good Idea or Not?
JUNE 09, 2024
This episode considers the value -- and limitations of using choral reading in the teaching of oral reading fluency.
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Should We Teach with Decodable text?
JUNE 01, 2024
This "blast from the past" revisits -- revises -- a blog posting from 2018. This podcast explains what the research has to say about teaching with decodable text. The idea of teaching students with decodables is a hot topic in reading education these days. Find out what research has to say abo...
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What About Those Reading Textbook Reviews and Ratings?
MAY 18, 2024
Recently, several organizations have started evaluating reading programs. These ratings are getting a lot of attention from school districts around the nation, but how good are they and how should they be used? This podcast will explore those issues and provide some recommendations.
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