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What is the Best Way to Organize a Classroom for Reading Instruction?
APRIL 13, 2024
This podcast explores how classroom reading instruction is best organized -- whole class or small group? The tendency has been to promote small group instruction over all other considerations -- an approach that is not often very successful. Find out why.
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Does Research Support "guided reading"? Practical Advice on Directing Reading
APRIL 06, 2024
This podcast explores the role that guided reading should play in reading instruction and how best to support students during such reading experiences.
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The Instructional Level Concept Revisited: Teaching With Complex Text
MARCH 23, 2024
This podcast explores the idea of teaching students to read at their instructional level. It explains why this is not such a good idea beyond beginning readers.
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Does Literature Count as Knowledge?
MARCH 16, 2024
These days there is a big push to emphasize knowledge in reading programs. This has led to welcome increases in emphasis on social studies and science texts in reading. But what about literature? Is there anything to be learned from stories and poems that would count as knowledge in this new r...
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Can a Program of Professional Development Raise Reading Achievement?
MARCH 02, 2024
This episode explores the value of professional development for improving reading achievement. Some school districts are investing heavily in very expensive professional development programs in the hopes these will raise reading achievement.
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Small Group Phonics in the Classroom -- Good Idea or Not?
FEBRUARY 17, 2024
Teachers are often told that differentiation in instruction is important and in reading that tends to mean multiple groups of kids being taught different things. Is that a good idea for phonics? Why or Why not? This episode will answer those questions.
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Grading Students on Individual Standards
FEBRUARY 10, 2024
School administrators often believe that students can be evaluated on the individual reading comprehension standards and they push teachers to teach and assess these individually. The research suggests that such efforts won't work.
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I Want My Students to Comprehend, Am I Teaching the Wrong Kind of Strategies?
FEBRUARY 03, 2024
Teachers are often told to teach comprehension strategies, but what if many of the strategies that are recommended only incidentally address comprehension? Learn to distinguish comprehension strategies form study skills.
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Blast from the Past: How Can We Take Advantage of the Reading-Writing Relationship?
JANUARY 20, 2024
This blog entry explores the three ways that teachers can teach their students about the relationships that exist between reading and writing.
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What does brain science have to say about teaching reading? Does It matter?
JANUARY 13, 2024
These days people are claiming that brain science has proven that phonics instruction is the way to go. However, brain science doesn't work that way. This podcast will explore what it is and isn't that brain science can tell us about reading instruction -- and what a safer bet would be to gett...
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